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The 1:Face Watch: Support a Good Cause While Telling the Time

25 de octubre de 2012

Campaign Update:

Support for the 1:Face movement has been incredible! Thank you all! The stories you are sharing and the changes you are creating are a real source of inspiration. Because we believe so strongly in these causes and in YOU, the face of this movement, we have set ambitious goals for us to achieve. It won’t be easy, but together we will change the world!

Social Impact Goals – Progress To Date:


The 1:Face Watch empowers YOU to create change in the World.

How: Each color watch represents a different cause and has a particular metric tied to it. When you buy a watch, this metric is carried out by our supporting charities. 

For example, when you buy 1 white watch, our supporting charity One Day’s Wages provides food supplements to 16 children in the Horn of Africa.   


Look Good.  Do Good.

The 1:Face watch is a fashion product with much more than fashion value. Create change in the World while looking good & feeling good! 


How it works 

Each color watch is paired with a cause, a charity, and a specific metric. For each watch you purchase, the charity tied to that cause will fulfill that specific metric. YOU are creating the change in the World! Through our website and social media, we will be highlighting stories of the change being created. YOU will literally be able to see the change YOU have created. 


 HUNGER: White – One Day’s Wages


The horn of Africa (Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia) has recently experienced its worst drought in 60 years, leaving 13 million people in need of assistance and food. Along with their long term work in the region, for every white watch purchased, One Day’s Wages will be able to provide treatment for 16 malnourished children with food supplements they desperately need.


WATER: Yellow – Charity: Water


30,000 people die every week from unsafe drinking water. For every 625 water watches purchased, Charity: Water will build a well, providing sanitary drinking water for an entire village.


 BREAST CANCER: Pink – National Breast Cancer Foundation


1 in every 8 woman will develop breast cancer in their lifetime. A simple mammogram can help save these woman’s lives.  However, millions of women don’t have the money to pay for this procedure. Every 14 pink watches purchased will enable the National Breast Cancer Foundation to provide 1 mammogram for a woman in need.


ENVIRONMENT: Blue – The Adventure Project


Everyday, 3 billion people in developing countries are exposed to toxic smoke when preparing meals.  The Adventure Project will provide 1 charcoal efficient stove to a family in Haiti for every 3 blue watches purchased.


AIDS: Red – Keep a Child Alive


Over 30 million people live with AIDS worldwide. For every 5 red watches purchased, Keep a Child Alive can provide the AIDS care necessary to keep a child alive with AIDS alive for one month.


CANCER: Black – American Cancer Society


Millions of people are affected by cancer each year. Many of them aren’t educated about the treatment options available and even more struggle with the emotional impact this causes on them and their family. To help these people, for every black watch purchased, the American Cancer Society can provide the necessary education and support to 8 cancer patients and their families.


Our Story – The Beginning 

This project began its life at Mirza Minds, a product and branding firm in Chicago. The watch brand was originally the vision of Creative Director Fam Mirza. Having experienced both the hardships of the 3rd world and the comfort of the 1st, Fam desired to create something that could bridge that gap and ultimately make the world a better place.

“Change originates from within. That is why the face of the watch is designed as a mirror. When you check the time, you see your reflection looking back within you.” -Fam Mirza 

Our vision was not just to create a product, but to start a movement that would bring change to a world that so desperately needs it. While many of us live comfortable lives, almost half the world survives on less than $2.50 a day. There are people facing real problems – poverty, cancer, aids, lack of shelter, lack of water.  Each of us can make an impact. When we all join together, we can change the world.

We have worked tirelessly on this project for the past year, and after finalizing everything from product design, supporting charities, & change metrics the only part left is YOU!



1:Face Watch Functional Specs 

The watch has a mirrored face with 4 parallel buttons and is set in a high-grade silicone band. When a button is pressed, the time is displayed with white intensity LED lights. Overall, the watch has a simplistic design that fits any outfit, style, or culture. Everything is symmetrical and has a smooth composition.  The battery lasts for about 2 years and of course the watch is waterproof.


What are we going to do with the money?


The rest of the money raised here on Indiegogo will go toward building the 1:Face movement.  The money will fund the first production run & distribution so you can get your watch and start showing it off. Additional money will go toward marketing efforts to expand the movement.

Manufacturing – We know you want your 1:Face watch as soon as possible, so we are already working with our manufacturing factory on production.  We need the money to get this first batch manufactured and shipped.

Distribution – Our mission is to empower consumers to change the world.  As such, we want to make 1:Face as easily available for as many people as possible. To do this, we want to extend our distribution channels through ecommerce and retail outlets such as Macy’s, Target, Urban Outfitters etc.  

Marketing – YOU are the genesis of this movement.  In order to build upon this momentum, we need you to tell your friends/family and the easiest way to do that is through social media: POST ON FB, TWEET, & INSTAGRAM A PHOTO!  

Growth – As we grow, we want to increase our support for these causes.  This means releasing new watches, creating viral content, and organizing volunteer and donation efforts to continue our mission to change the World…


1Face Poverty 600


Perk Levels

As a donor, you can receive any of the following perks. You can receive 1:Face watches, the 7th voted watch (see $300 perk), Universal Touchscreen watches, or different combinations of those perks.

If you really want a life-changing experience, come with our team to India to help build a well in a village! (All Expenses Paid- See $10,000 perk) 





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